MOOMIN, EXIT WOUNDS and SHORTCOMINGS in The St Louis Post-Dispatch

“The Fun Never Stops!” / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / St. Louis Post-Dispatch Staff / December 4, 2007

An Israeli, Modan tells a story that initially appears political in nature — identifying a man killed in a suicide bombing — but quickly mutates into something more personal: an account of a severed family bond and a growing romantic connection.

King-Cat Classix

By John Porcellino

(Drawn and Quarterly, 384 pages, $29.95)

This beefy collection of Porcellino's mini-comics provides a revealing sampler of his work, which deftly mixes whimsy and biography, sharp observation and poetic musing.


By Adrian Tomine

(Drawn and Quarterly, 108 pages, $19.95)

Graphic literature's most gifted realist, Tomine pointedly explores ethnic identity in a fiercely honest story of a relationship undone by the toxic combination of too much self-obsession and too little self-awareness.

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