365 DAYS reviewed by Newsarama

“Newsarama Review - 365 Days” / Newsarama / Newsarama Staff / February 21, 2008

"Doucet’s designs are astonishing. She crams her pages with as much detail as possible. The characters seem to all but literally fighting for space, and in danger of breaking out of the panels. The words themselves refuse to stay in one direction but move at right angles or spiral around. She slaps magazine and newspaper collages in, perhaps just to amuse herself (at one point her nose becomes the letter R). Even when she just decides to present an abstract image or (if you prefer) “doodle,” the intricate patterns are breathtaking.

It’s this constant re-invention of design, of not knowing where Doucet will take you visually, that made me want to keep reading 365 Days."

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