JAMILTI reviewed by NewsOK

“Funny, strange, sad stories in mix” / NewsOK / Matthew Price / October 26, 2008

Six of the seven works in "Jamilti” predate "Exit Wounds,” but Motan shows here, again, why she’s one of the premiere voices of Israeli comics.
The strongest is "Bygone,” the one black-and-white story in the collection, in which the family ties among three sisters in a themed hotel in Israel are explored. The middle sister discovers her family’s deep secret after falling for a hotel guest.
All seven stories are very good in varying degrees. One focuses on a plastic surgeon that keeps remaking his lost love; another is about a divorced mother who believes she can heal with electricity flowing through her hands.
The lead story, "Jamilti,” is about wedding dresses and suicide bombers.
Modan has an art style reminiscent of Herge, though parts of "Jamilti” are intentionally cruder.
Alternately funny, sad, and strange, this collection of works by Modan is absolutely worth reading to experience one of comics’ most original voices.
— Matthew Price

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