RED SNOW a gekiga gem!

“This Week's New Manga: InuYasha Gets BIG, Red Snow Debuts” / - Manga / Deb Aoki / December 9, 2009

While mid-month tends to be slow for new manga, there's lots of intriguing series and one-shots making their debut this week from CMX Manga, Drawn and Quarterly, TokyoPop and VIZ Media.

Topping this week's list of new releases is the VIZ Big edition of Inu Yasha, which collects the first three volumes of Rumiko Takahashi's long-running adventure series in a larger format. With 56 volumes in the regular run of Inu-Yasha, we can look forward to at least 18 more VIZ Big volumes to come.

Also new and well-worth picking up is Red Snow, a new gekiga gem by Susumu Katsumata from Drawn and Quarterly. Like their prior releases of manga by Yoshihiro Tatsusmi, D and Q pulled out the stops to give this award-winning collection of short stories of rural Japan the deluxe, hardcover treatment.

If hard-boiled action is more to your taste, VIZ Signature has Jormungand, which is chock-full of gun-slinging and international intrigue, ala Black Lagoon.

For something a little more heart-warming, but with a touch of supernatural suspense, try Deka Kyoshi, which features an undercover cop who gets assigned to an elementary school class after their teacher dies under mysterious circumstances.

Or for something sweet, light and fun, check out Mikansei No. 1, a romantic comedy about a time-traveling 23rd century teen who tries to make it as a pop star in the 21st century.

Here's what's especially new and notable for this week, and the rest of the list by publisher to follow.

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