USA today recommends HOT POTATOE!

“Comics recs: A modern-day 'Cinderella,' a funky 'Potatoe' and more” / USA Today / Ann Oldenburg / December 7, 2009

Hot Potatoe by Marc Bell
About five years ago I got a book by Marc Bell called The Stacks (it's out of print now). It was so great I kept it beside my bed forever; my only complaint is it was tiny, and Bell's drawings are so intricate that I'd have to squint to catch all the detail.

That's not a problem with Hot Potatoe. Finally, the artist gets the treatment he deserves with a beautiful hardcover that does justice to his absurd and layered work. Potatoe collects Bell's stuff from 2001-2008, so it's more of an art book than a narrative. I'm happy to own it because I discover something new every time I turn a page; I read a review once that compared Bell to children's artist Richard Scarry in that respect, though he also reminds me of R. Crumb. Either way, that ain't too shabby.

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