HOT POTATOE tops Vice's

“Nick Gazins Comic Book Witch Hunt #8” / VICE Magazine / Nick Gazin / February 5, 2010

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Witch Hunt #8

Jerry Seinfeld once said something about how childhood is a constant quest for candy. I spent a lot of my time looking for candy, but I was hunting for comics even more. Comics equalled happiness–even bad ones were great. Obsessive wanting has led me to writing comic book reviews. Only now I no longer hunt for the comics. The comics come to me.

In tribute to the insulting top-ten lists of the once mighty Wizard magazine, I rank the free comics I get from best to worst. I think it’s funny to also burn the worst comic. I don’t think that the people whose comics I burn appreciate my humor, but to be fair I don’t really appreciate theirs.

Hot Potatoe
Marc Bell
Drawn And Quarterly
Finally. Marc Bell first entered my awareness with his comics in Vice wayyyyyy back in the when. Then the Shrimpy and Paul book came out and it quickly became one of my favorite comic books. His comics were funny both for their visuals and unique use of language (I still say “cheg it oot” in casual conversation). His drawings combine the beautiful flatness of the characters in Gustin paintings and the ability to create impossible environments in three dimensions that odd characters can explore and wander around. He was a herald of what was coming in the fine art/comics/print world. It’s here now and it’s continuing to come. And so am I.
This book is a nice big hardcover textbook of Marc Bell’s fine-art pieces and comics and some writing about how important he is. I don’t really know how much I can say about this book before I’m talking out of my ass. Marc Bell makes his brain leap mental hurdles when he draws and draws things that are too weird for most people to imagine. Marc Bell invents a beautiful world that’s full of friendly possibility. Go buy this book, pea brain.

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