The A.V. Club gives HICKSVILLE an "A"

“Comics Panel: March 12, 2010” / The AV Club Comics Panel / Keith Phipps, Tasha Robinson, Zack Handlen & Leonard Pierce / March 12, 2010

Re-released in an expanded softcover edition with introductory notes by the author, Dylan Horrocks’ Hicksville (Drawn & Quarterly) is hoping to find a new audience 12 years after it was originally published. Horrocks is a singular talent, and Hicksville is his masterpiece. It follows reporter Leonard Batts as he visits a small town in New Zealand to research the life of Dick Burger, the world’s most popular comic-book artist, but while its putative narrative is plenty strong, the hidden layers of the book—one of the most touching, profound meditations on the comics medium ever written—are what make it truly worthwhile. Those who have read it before will find new, overlooked wonders in its complexity and depth, and new readers will be amazed by Horrocks’ ability to ape the style of various eras and artists while still retaining his own sensibility. This is a must-have, and one of the best comics of its time… A

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