The Comix Claptrap talks with DAN CLOWES

“Dan Clowes- Season 3, Episode 1” / The Comix Claptrap / Rina Ayuyang and Thien Pham / September 9, 2010

Oh wow, have we been away for a long time! Rina went on a "tour" for her book, and Thien... well, Thien changed his voice. For this season premiere, we dared to dream big, and our dream actually came true: Mr. Dan Clowes sits down to chat with us on topics ranging from Pogs to coffee shop blind dates. The experience was so mind-numbing, it induced Thien to asthmatic coughing fits. We also kick off Season 3 with yet another Ignatz awards rant and desperate plea to SPX voters by Thien, and reunite with now-veteran New Comics newsie, Ignatz-nominated Josh Frankel. This is one episode to remember so we hope you enjoy it!

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