BLACK BLIZZARD on's Best New Manga of 2010 list

“Best New Manga of 2010 21 New Must-Read Manga Released in 2010” / Guide / Deb Aoki / November 25, 2010


Best New Edition of Classic Manga - Black Blizzard

Author and Artist: Yoshihiro Tatsumi
Publisher: Drawn & Quarterly

Influenced by the pulp novels of Mickey Spillane, Black Blizzard is about a young pianist who has been convicted of murder. While on a train ride to jail, he's handcuffed to a career criminal. The pair escape when their train derails due to an avalanche. While on the run, they describe how their lives were changed by crimes of passion.

Black Blizzard is an early story from Yoshihiro Tatsumi that he described in his memoir A Drifting Life. While not as polished as his later works, this one-shot crackles with youthful energy, cinematic style, and Tatsumi's burning desire to push the boundaries of manga beyond kids stuff.

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