ACME NOVELTY LIBRARY 20 and EDEN on Graphic Novel Reporter's 2010 Favorites list

“GNR's 2010 Favorites” / Graphic Novel Reporter / John Hogan and Peter Gutierrez / December 21, 2010

ACME Novelty Library #20
by Chris Ware
Drawn & Quarterly
ISBN: 978-1770460201

The prolific and offbeat genius of Chris Ware once again comes to life in the story of an Omaha businessman. Wildly inventive and engaging, Ware's ACME Novelty Library series continues to get better and better.



Peter Gutierrez:

I think a lot of my favorites this year were shared by many—books like Smile, for example. So here are some titles that might not be as well known:

by Pablo Holmberg
Drawn and Quarterly
ISBN: 978-1770460089
At times almost too whimsical for their own good, the four-panel strips collected here can nonetheless be counted on to startle you with their combination of imagination and profundity.

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