ForeWord Reviews recommends DENYS WORTMAN'S NEW YORK and EDEN

“Still More Gift-Giving Ideas for Comics Fans” / ForeWord / Peter Gutiérrez / December 21, 2010

Certainly comics and trade paperback-style graphic novels are more affordable than other reading material you might give this holiday season. But what about when you want to go all out and spoil someone (maybe yourself?) with comics-related books that are as substantial and artful as anything else you’ll find on the shelves? In my Nov/Dec ForeWord column, I suggested some gift-worthy, archived editions and art books. Here are a few more titles that are sure to put a smile on the face of a discerning comics reader.

Denys Wortman’s New York: Portrait of the City in the 1930s and 1940s (Drawn and Quarterly, 978-1-77046-013-3) From all accounts, longtime newspaper cartoonist Wortman was a class act, and in this book, editors James Sturm and Brandon Elston have showcased much of his nearly forgotten work in a suitably classy presentation. The penciling in these full-page, single-panel cartoons (Wortman disliked the term “gag”) is wondrously evocative in its own right—clever captions that capture timeless human foibles are a bonus.


Eden (Drawn and Quarterly, 978-1-77046-008-9) Finally, a collection to recommend for young readers as well as adults. In fact, it’s the adults who may respond most powerfully to the simple wisdom contained in the pages of this whimsical fantasy; kids will just love how cute and funny the story is. Previously published as web comics, Pablo Holmberg’s work already has the feel of a classic.

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