SHIGERU MIZUKI's ONWARD TOWARDS OUR NOBLE DEATHS lauded as ideal for cultural understanding

“Literary Manga” / School Library Journal / Angela Cartensen / May 6, 2011

An award winning Japanese cartoonist offers his own story of service in the Emperor's army. Apolitical and at first disinterested in the required military service, Mizuki quickly came to develop a sense of personal offense at how his comrades were treated with disrespect by their commanders. Originally published in Japan in 1973, this memoir shows the decline of Japanese bravado in the face of troop losses and Allied bombs. Mizuki differentiates each of his characters here, not only physically but in displaying and relaying temperaments in word and action. This is a war story that gives ready access to American readers who know little of Japanese foot soldiers' experiences during World War II; the medium of classic manga is just right for the content.

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