First Look at New Books! Xpress Review of Pascal Girard's REUNION

“Reunion Review” / Library Journal / Library Journal / September 8, 2011

Award-winning Canadian cartoonist Girard (Nicolas; Bigfoot) has just received his ten-year high school reunion invitation in the mail, in this semiautobiographical work. The only reason he decides to attend is to reconnect with his unrequited crush, Lucie. He promises himself that this time will be different and sets upon figuring out the best way to impress her. He stays awake fantasizing while his current girlfriend sleeps. He imagines their reunion while jogging off his extra weight. In the brief periods he is not thinking about Lucie, Girard spends his time ogling another pretty former classmate on Facebook. Dinner parties, a cold grandmother, and the lack of a proper suit coat all provide humorous obstacles before the night of the reunion. Once there, Girard bumbles about, inadvertently insulting old acquaintances with his distracted impatience for Lucie's arrival. It is at the reunion that Girard's ear for dialog shines and his self-deprecating humor is spot on.
Verdict Girard's style is part Larry David awkwardness and part Harvey Pekar self-loathing, tempered by his wonderfully light drawings. A strong story that zips along makes this a wonderful comic.—John Piche, MLS, San Francisco

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