Kate Beaton featured on the Chronicle Herald

“Bestselling cartoonist adds Time top 10 to list of accolades” / The Chronicle Herald / Bill Spurr / December 27, 2011

Finding comedy in the past has led to an excellent present for Kate Beaton.

The cartoonist, whose website Hark! A Vagrant attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, spent much of this year putting together a book, which has sold more than 20,000 copies.

Time magazine placed it at No. 7 on its list of the top 10 fiction books, calling it “the wittiest book of the year” and “the debut of a smart, funny, wholly unique voice.”

“It seems like 2011 was book, book, book, which worked out well because the book is doing just fantastic,” said Beaton, a Mabou native.

“Now that it’s done, I can turn my head to different projects again, and things do come up, anything from television to children’s books. I have a good agent who finds different projects.”

Moving to New York made Beaton part of a larger community of cartoonists and also changed the way she pitches her work.

“I’d been submitting to the New Yorker ..... submitting by email,” she said.

“It’s something else to be able to walk in to the office on submission day and stand in front of the editor and have them tell you what they think.”

The 28-year-old lives in Brooklyn and shares a studio with five other artists, giving her “this wealth of experience around you all the time,” said Beaton, who shared how she found out she was going to be mentioned in Time.

“You’re sitting in your studio or in a coffee shop, working, and someone sends you an email: ‘Did you see this?’

“But you’re just in a coffee shop; it’s not like you get a jewel-studded envelope.”

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