PAYING FOR IT on CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2011

“CBR's Top 100 Comics of 2011, #100 - 76” / Comic Book Resources / CBR News Team Editor / December 26, 2011

100. Paying For It
Written & Illustrated by Chester Brown
Published by Drawn & Quarterly

"Controversial and not for everyone, Chester Brown's detailed and fascinating look at prostitutes and being a john in Canada feels anything but titillating. Executed as a memoir of Brown's own experience soliciting prostitutes manages through his sometimes painful honesty about himself and his surroundings to be an insightful and fascinating look at love and sex that painstakingly examines philosophy and the very nature of romantic love itself. Great autobiographical and memoir work manages to transcend the narcissistic and mundane, finding ways to become intimate and relatable. Brown manages both of those things and leaves a reader pondering his questions intently, their own answers likely surprising them. It's only in the best work that we are inspired to turn important questions back onto ourselves to truly examine and learn from them, and 'Paying For It' is exactly that kind of work."

-- CBR Reviewer & Comics Should Be Good Columnist Kelly Thompson

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