DAYBREAK transcends "stale zombie tales" on the Snipe

“halloween comics” / The Snipe News / Ryan Ingram / October 28, 2011

Daybreak (Drawn & Quarterly) – All the staples of a classic zombie lit are present in Daybreak, but it’s what cartoonist Brian Ralph does on the page that makes this deceptively simple story rise above the mass of stale zombie tales out there, as it creeps right into the dark corners of your brain.

The story unfolds at a six-panel-per-page layout, with the viewpoint coming from an unnamed narrator, trying to survive in a zombie-filled wasteland along with the assorted weirdos he encounters in the apocalypse. The first-person perspective sucks you in, giving it an almost video game-like feel. As you meet other survivors and survey the damage around every corner, things build to a totally unsettling ending.

Ralph’s style is unique for the horror genre, too, sort looking like if James Kolchaka’s playful pen mutated with Anders Nilsen’s ability to create detailed poetry out of horrible destruction.

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