iFanboy awaits Mizuki's NON NON BA

“The Top 10 Upcoming Manga Releases for 2012” / iFanboy / Molly McIsaac / January 5, 2012

By Shigeru Mizuki
Release Date: March 27, 2012
This is a bit different than my usual manga selections (which tend to consist of shoujo and horror manga), as this is a psuedo memoir that is family friendly. However, it is by Shigeru Mizuki who is basically the forefather of demon (or yokai – spirit monsters) manga. It is a lighthearted story about the things in his life that brought him his fascination with the occult. It focuses on his grandmother – a grumpy old lady by the name of NonNonBa – who taught him to traverse the spirit world when he was little.

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