MTV Geek calls ONWARDS TOWARDS OUR NOBLES DEATHS "important" on Best Manga of 2011 list

“The Best Manga Series of 2011” / MTV / Brigid Alverson / November 28, 2011

Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths
By Shigeru Mizuki

This is not a fun manga to read, but it is an important one. Shigeru Mizuki was in a Japanese infantry unit during World War II, and he drew on his own experiences in this story of enlisted men who are mistreated by their superiors and ultimately ordered to go on a suicide charge in order to avoid the dishonor of surviving. Mizuki depicts the brutality of ordinary life behind the battle lines as well as the violence of war, and this is not an easy story to read, but its historical importance and the lessons it holds for the future are undeniable.

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