PURE PAJAMAS, DEATH-RAY, ONWARDS TOWARDS OUR NOBLE DEATHS among Montreal Gazette's top picks of 2011

“Top Picks of 2011” / Ottawa Citizen / Ian McGillis / December 29, 2011

Regular readers of Montreal Mirror cartoonist Marc Bell will embrace Pure Pajamas (Drawn & Quarterly, 96 pages, $22.95), a collection from a sui generis artist whose characters’ small heads and huge feet bear the unmistakable influence of R. Crumb, but whose work takes a more benign, childlike view of humanity and its discontents. Don’t let the small page count mislead you: There’s enough going on in a typical Bell page to keep you absorbed for as long as most whole books would.

Also: The Death-Ray, by Daniel Clowes (Drawn & Quarterly, 48 pages, $19.95) makes one of the Ghost World author’s most sought-after limited edition comics available in book form for the first time; Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, by Shigeru Mizuki (Drawn & Quarterly, 368 pages, $24.95) sees the father of modern manga telling a shattering Second World War tale of soldiers betrayed by their commanders.

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