Tom Gauld's melancholy "Goliath" would rather have a desk job

“Graphic Scenes: March” / The National Post / David Berry / April 5, 2012

By Tom Gauld
(Drawn & Quarterly)

The Philistines’ legendary warrior is recast as a paper-pusher of remarkable size in Tom Gauld’s re-imagining of the David vs. Goliath story. Content to trade off his guard duty for more bureaucratic work and keep his head down while the respective armies threaten each other in the Valley of Elah. A scheming general with a knack for marketing has other plans, though, and soon Goliath is making the daily trek to threaten the Israelites. Gauld’s sparse style captures the encroaching ennui of Goliath beautifully, as the lovable lug is pushed through forces well beyond his control into a job he never wanted. Far more than just a tweaking, Gauld infuses a parable with new meaning for a modern world, with a helping of melancholy but sweet humour to boot.

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