Vice features Anna & Froga

“Anouk Ricard Anna & Froga” / VICE Magazine / Nick Gazin / July 6, 2012

Good graciousness, what a comic! This is a 40-page hardcover comic full of very funny comics that are appropriate for kids but have a sophisticated sense of humor that adults will like whether they are parents or not. It's basically like a European BD volume, like the Smurfs or Tintin. The main character is a human girl of indeterminate age named Anouk. She pals around with a frog in red boots named Froga, a cat named Ron, and a dog named Bubu. Althouh this sounds ilke it could be the setup of a bland children's book, all of the characters have defined personalities with strengths and flaws and are all basically likable. The art is just flat-out beautiful and there's something about the way Froga is drawn that is hilarious every time you see her. This book collects a bunch of comics that are usually only a few pages long and then some samples of the characters' art and things like that. If you like Leslie Stein, Marc Bell, or Ines Estrada, get this. If you don't like those people then you should still get this. This is my essential book of the week. It's great. Get it.

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