NBC Chicago features Tavi Gevinson

“Teen Blogger Completes Nationwide Tour Tavi Gevinson launched her magazine, "ROOKIE" in 2011” / Mitchell Grogg / July 30, 2012

She's run a blog since 2008, sat in the front row at various fashion shows, and just weeks ago finished up a New York to Los Angeles tour put on by her magazine, "ROOKIE" -- and she's just 16.
At the helm of the tour called the "ROOKIE Road Trip," Tavi Gevinson hit the road to "meet up with you guys and do stuff like get ice cream and make zines and talk about our feelings," she said on the magazine's website.
That tour was featured in a profile by The New York Times. At an event along the tour in New York City, Gevinson arrived to a dozens of admirers. The profile described the fans as "precocious, indie-minded, with a D.I.Y. fashion sense and a belated love of the slacker cartoon 'Daria.'"
By age 13, Gevinson's writing had appeared in Harper's Bazaar. She had also done a video for Target.
Last year, Gevinson also announced an intention to write a book, due out in September, according to Canada's National Post.
Looking back as the tour neared its end, Gevinson noted on her magazine's website, "I'm not prepared to reflect on any part of this yet, and I will wait until our events here in L.A. are over to even try."
One place nobody will find those reflections when they do happen, however, is Gevinson's Facebook page, as she notes on her blog, "i do not have a facebook page or profile."

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