Racked talks with Tavi Gevinson

“Tavi Talks LA, Screens Wren Fashion Film at TenOverSix” / Racked / Natalie Alcala / July 30, 2012

"It's really sad; I've cried a few times," Tavi Gevinson tells us in a quaint back office at TenOverSix. Prior to arriving at the Melrose boutique, she and Petra Collins of The Ardorous officially packed up their "Strange Magic" installation at Space15Twenty. "It felt so weird listening to songs that I normally play in private moments as I packed up all this stuff from my room and gifts that girls gave us on the road. It was all very emotional."
While the end of her Rookie Road Trip was certainly bittersweet, the 16-year-old style phenom still had one more LA event to host before hitting the road back home. She joined friends and fans at TenOverSix last night to screen a new fashion film for LA's own Wren. Directed by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Maximilla Lukacs, the two-minute video features Gevinson dressed in a variety of Wren fall looks while singing a delightfully haunting rendition of Dory Previn's "Beware of Young Girls."
Before saying farewell, we had to ask Gevinson if she really wants to move to LA, per that Bust interview. "Absolutely," she confirmed. "Los Angeles is my favorite city, which is why [Petra and I] wanted to end our road trip here. I love the weather and the fact that you could go to both the beach and the desert within the same day. I'll also miss going for late night drives and eating at Mel's Drive-In [1660 N Highland Ave] and Cafe 101 [6145 Franklin Ave]. I'll definitely be back."

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