Stylite calls Tavi Gevinson "Awesome"

“Tavi Gevinson Chills With Fans, Continues To Be Awesome” / Stylite / Samantha Randazzo / July 30, 2012

16-year-old Tavi Gevinson just wrapped a 16-city tour across America to promote Rookie and, well, just hang out with fans.
The New York Times did a profile of the blogger on the road, as she drove around the country in a 12-seater van with her Rookie contributors, stopping for impromptu photo shoots, and meet-and-greets with readers at arcades and ice cream parlors. Writer Michael Schulman recounts how Tavi breaks the ice at her get-togethers:
“Introduce yourself with an adjective that’s an alliteration of your name.’ Ms. Gevinson began. ‘Like, I’m Terrific Tavi.’ They went around: Luscious Liz, Nice Nicole, Jammin’ Jessica, Happy-to-Be-Here Heather. ‘This is like the first day of school,’ Ms. Gevinson said.”
She talked about switching up her look, ditching the crazy-colored hair, and growing out of teenage phases:
“With every phase you go through as a teenager, you have a little bit of resentment for whoever you were before. I would not want to dye my hair blue now, because I got so sick of it.”
And if you, like us, have ever wondered how Tavi maintains such a normal lifestyle, this is what her father had to say about it:
“We just want her to grow in as healthy a way as possible and make sure she’s got a realm of normalcy in her world, which can be a little nutty.”
‘A little nutty’ could even be considered an understatement, as Tavi has achieved serious celebrity status, is friends with people like Sofia Coppola and Winona Ryder, and employs people well over twice her age. Then again, if she’s willing to drive across the U.S. just to sit down with the girls who admire her like it’s the most normal thing in the world, her parents can’t have all that much to worry about.

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