HelloGiggles reviews Rookie Yearbook One, a "special treat"

“ITEM OF THE DAY: “ROOKIE YEARBOOK ONE” BY TAVI GEVINSON” / Hello Giggles / Chrissa Hardy / September 21, 2012

I’m honored to share this special treat with you today. The tiny yet commanding force that is Tavi Gevinson has assembled an amazing team of writers, photographers and illustrators in the creation of, “Rookie Yearbook One.” To say that this book is the essential companion to navigating your teen years, is an understatement. I’m almost thirty years old and to me, this book is as much an endless source of fun as it is a collection of instructions on how to survive our ever-changing world.

Tavi, Editor-in-Chief of Rookiemag.com, pulled the best pieces and content from the site during its school year, September 2011 to May 2012 and featured it in this book. The book includes everything from: high school tales from our very own “adorkable” Zooey, Jack Black, Joss Whedon and others, to Halloween hi-jinks, to tips on “How to Be a Happy Homebody” to… everything. Why am I even trying to list the topics that are covered when the book covers basically everything? Well, not EVERYTHING. But it covers a wide range of topics.

My favorite section, and apparently Jimmy Fallon’s too, is the photo tutorial on “How to Bitchface.” Tavi teaches you how to showcase your passive aggression with specific facial expressions. In her interview with Jimmy Fallon, she shares her struggles with “chronic bitchface” and talks about how her teachers are frequently asking if she’s okay. To which she brilliantly replies “I’m okay, it’s just my face.” Boom. I suffer from this too, Tavi. Friends and acquaintances have always asked why I’m upset or if there’s anything wrong, because apparently I “always look pissed off.” Tavi, I thank you for my newly found freedom to say to the world, “I’m fine, not pissed, this is just my face.”

I hope to one day replace my obsolete encyclopedia collection with “Rookie Yearbook One” – “Rookie Yearbook One Hundred”

Begin your collection by picking up a copy of “Rookie Yearbook One” today.

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