Alternative Magazine Online calls Goliath, "delightful"

“Alternative Magazine Online: The Best of 2012 Awards” / Alternative Magazine / Marty Mulrooney / January 14, 2013

Goliath by Tom Gauld – “Goliath tells a familiar story from a fresh angle and the results prove delightful. Graphic novels have the power to move and stir emotions as successfully as any novel. The only real negative of Goliath is its brevity – at 96 pages, this charming tale will easily be consumed within an hour, if not less. Perhaps more graphic novella than graphic novel then, but don’t let that put you off. Goliath is one of the very best of its genre and shouldn’t be missed, especially by those who like their humour spiked with a healthy dose of melancholy – the ending, when it comes, is a total knockout.”

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