The Frisky on Tavi Gevinson's feminism

“Tavi Gevinson, On Being Your Own Kind Of Feminist” / The Frisky / Julie Gerstein / November 29, 2012

“When I started Rookie, there were a lot of girls like me who had fashion blogs and loved getting dressed up and thinking about appearance, not in a stressful women’s magazine way, but in a creative way. I can understand how some feminists who’ve fought against things like style or beauty defining all women might feel confused about how we can discuss self-esteem and being your own person but also write so much about fashion. But for Rookie, fashion is about personal expression and creativity. And I want there to be a place where women can do that, where you can care about fashion, and even be super girly, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not also smart or confident or strong.”
–My fave, Tavi Gevinson, on how you can care about fashion and still be a feminist. Like, duh. Tavi also talks about how she can manage to be nostalgic for things she wasn’t around for the first time (like, say, the ’90s). “As a young person, you want the perspective of what it will feel like when this will all be over. I think that reading so many books and watching so many movies that are about the teenage experience in retrospect have helped me put everything in perspective and appreciate all of this for what it is.”

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