Mary Sue offers Hark! A Vagrant Calendar as prizes

“GIVEAWAY: KATE BEATON’S HARK! A VAGRANT CALENDARS” / Mary Sue / Susana Polo / December 10, 2012

The month of December means one thing for everybody, regardless of what particular end of the year holiday they celebrate. Namely, that’s it’s the end of the year, and everybody’s got to get a new calendar and start teaching their muscle memory how to write the date again. You should all be comforted to know that The Mary Sue is here for you in these troubling times. Starting today, you’re going to have a chance to win one of four Hark! A Vagrant 2013 calendars featuring the art of Kate Beaton. We’ve got two copies of Drawn and Quarterly’s There She Blows and Beethoven Birthday Party for folks in North America. Read on for some sample pics and entering info!

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