New Hampshire News with an Adrian Tomine podcast

“Adrian Tomine: A Decade of Drawings” / New Hampshire Public Radio / VIRGINIA PRESCOTT / November 19, 2012

The cover of the November 12th issue of The New Yorker effectively summed up the two big stories coming out of New York City this past month: Hurricane Sandy and Election 2012. In the picture, a backpacked shaggy-haired man, chest-high in water, searches for his polling place among the pitch-black flooded streets of the Big Apple. It’s a drawing that someone makes a city of over eight million people seem like a very lonely place to be.

The illustrator is Adrian Tomine. His new collection is called New York Drawings: A Decade of Covers, Comics, Illustrations, and Sketches from the Pages of the New Yorker and Beyond.

Click the link for the podcast.

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