The Phoenix says Rookie meet ups are the place to be

“Get Seen » At the Boston Rookie Meetup at the Democracy Center” / The Phoenix / Liz Pelly / November 9, 2012

The mainstream media is a dark place for teen girls, but Rookie - an online mag started by 16-year-old blogger Tavi Gevinson last year - is changing that, with smart, feminist musings on pop culture, teen issues, DIY fashion, and more. It's grown so popular with a certain niche of teens and twentysomethings that meetups have been popping up around the world, allowing readers to talk feminism, make zines and flower crowns, and profess their love for Rookie. Last month, the Boston area held one of its own at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square.

Faye Orlove, graphic designer

Faye came to the meetup with her younger sister in tow. "I really wanted my little sister to meet some girls who I thought would have the same values I want her to grow up with. . . . Rookie has always felt like a safe environment for young girls to be themselves and learn about positive feminist ideals."

The mag has taught her a few things too. "Rookie has inspired me to make so many more things. Instead of buying collars and pins and acid-washed denim jackets, I've totally made my own. . . . Rookie has never been in the business of telling me what to wear for my complexion, for springtime, or for a first date. It's more about feeling totally awesome wearing the things I already wear."

She also draws inspiration from a diverse crew of characters - real and fictional. "My personal style is an amalgamation of everything I've ever loved: some Angela Chase, some Patti Smith, some Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus."

That sick pink coat was a gift from her best friend back in Washington, DC. "I think she got it at a thrift store, but I don't know which one. She's totally a Rookie lover too."

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