Rookie calls The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My "just SO GOOD-LOOKING"

“All Work and Lots of Play Books and comics that are fun, funny, or otherwise delightful.” / Rookie / Tavi Gevinison / October 11, 2012

The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My
Tove Jansson
1952, Ernest Benn Limited
EVERY Moomin book is good, but Moomin, Mymble and Little My has paper cut-outs, so I chose this one to recommend. It is a Finnish picture book from 1952 about these little hippo-looking trolls who live in a tall house with ghosts and a brat named Little My, to whom I was constantly compared as a 50% Scandanavian child with older sisters. The COLORS are such a delight, and the handwritten text gets all topsy-turvy, and it’s just SO GOOD-LOOKING. It is the Channing Tatum of Finnish children’s books, and I’m sure Tove Jansson would be psyched to hear it. I also know it’s for children, but it’s so lovingly written and illustrated that I end up letting myself get lost in it each time without even a pinch of irony. —Tavi

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