VICE praises Daybreak's "totally immersive" storytelling

“Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #81” / VICE Magazine / Nick Gazin / February 11, 2013

This book has been on the shelves for a while but I liked it a lot and just put off reviewing it because I lost it in one of the many piles of books that have made my apartment impossible to traverse.

I always like Brian Ralph's drawings. There's something about the way he draws rubble and splintering wood that is very comforting. His lines and sense of volume and reductive drawing style are approachable, but he's always good with textures. I think I know what his drawings would feel like were I to exist within the world of his comics. I don't know if I ever read a longer work by Brian Ralph that I cared about too much but I cared about this one.

The big cool concept of this book is that you are seeing the world from the protaganist's point of view for the duration of the entire book and there are no "cuts." In a lot of ways it feels like a video game in a good way. The storytelling device is a big success and totally immersive.

The story begins with you waking up by a pile of rubble. You are then greeted by a friendly one armed man who helps you and takes you on a little adventure. The storytelling technique works well and this is a great comic. I feel bad that I didn't review it earlier.

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