12-year old blogger reviews Marble Season

“Marble Season” / The Graphic Novelologist / Milo Kotis / May 5, 2013

Today I will be reviewing a book called "Marble Season" by Gilbert Hernandez. It reminders me of Peanuts, without the super mature kids. It's about a young boy named Huey, and his older brother, Junior, and his baby brother, Chavo. The cool thing about Marble Season is how Huey's experiences are based on the author's experiences. I learned this in a live interview with Gilbert Hernandez at Housing Works Bookstore Café.

For example, when Huey tried to put on a play about Captain America, but nobody liked their roles, this is based on something that happened to Gilbert Hernandez. One of my favorite scenes is when Huey and his brothers are throwing water balloons at each other with an older friend, then the friend's brother comes out and puts him in a chokehold, I'm not sure if this actually happened or not, but it seemed very realistic.

One thing I noticed was that Marble Season wasn't a story with a beginning, middle and end. It was all just little things that happened to Huey and his brothers. Some things were as simple as Huey finding a rare bubble gum card or playing marbles with his friends. One other thing that I didn't notice at first was that everything takes place in Huey's neighborhood. He's never shown when he's at school or on a trip. It's always when he's outside playing or inside reading comics.

I remember another thing from when I went to see Gilbert Hernandez's talk, he said that in the 60's, parents were only there to spoil your fun. He also said that old ladies with horn rimmed glasses ran the show. As I'm sure you know, it's quite different now.

The art in Marble Season seems very pen drawn. I also like how everybody from each family looks alike. Like how Huey and Junior have the same eyes and nose. I also really like the expressions of the characters. In one part, Chavo finds a dead baby bird. He reacts the same way a real child would. He acts surprised when he notices it, looks at it sadly, then walks away.

Marble Season is really fun to read. It's completely appropriate for anyone. It has very sweet and lovable characters. If you like Peanuts then you will most likely like Marble Season. If you grew up in the 60's, Marble Season will make you feel nostalgic....

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