Publishers Weekly interviews Michael DeForge

“Control Freak: The Prickly, Hostile World of Michael DeForge” / Publishers Weekly / James Romberger / May 8, 2013

Michael DeForge is one of the most striking and popular talents in alternative comics, as evidenced by his two Eisner nominations this year: for Best Single Issue (or One Shot) for Lose #4 and Best Digital Comic for Ant Comic. This month, publisher Annie Koyama's innovative imprint Koyama Press is releasing the first trade paperback collection of DeForge's work, Very Casual. The compact book, a bargain at $15, features an eclectic mix of high-contrast black and white comics along with a selection of limited-color and full-color stories, such as a redesigned version of the artist's intriguing oversized color pamphlet, Spotting Deer.

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