You're All Just Jealous of Tom Gauld's Publishers Weekly Update

“You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack” / Publishers Weekly / Publishers Weekly / May 23, 2013

Following on the success of Goliath, Gauld offers a collection of strips drawn from his weekly cartoon for U.K. newspaper the Guardian. The author offers wry perspectives on many topics, from trivial amusements to darkly serious subjects, from literary infighting to the war on women, and from video games to generational conflict. Instead of giving in to despair, Gauld seems to embrace human absurdities, reveling in the comedic possibilities offered without languishing in mean-spirited cruelty. His economical art—think Edward Gorey drawing elegant stick figures—is married to dry, incisive humor, making each strip a carefully composed marvel. The Guardian strips have for the most part not been available to North Americans. This book will change that and establish Gauld on this side of the Atlantic as a cartoonist on par with Charles Addams and Gary Larson.

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