The Miami Herald Comic Round Up

“Review: Delights and Rare Treasures” / The Miami Herald / Richard Pachter / August 19, 2013

Each issue is an event, and this latest is no less a delight. The autobiographical stuff is as good as ever, and the antics of an odd, semi-recovering couple is imaginative and true — even if it’s not. Tomine’s fine line art and staging continues to improve, no small feat considering how accomplished he already is.

A retrospective museum exhibition by the Pulitzer-Prize winning Maus creator is abundant justification for this greatest hits collection. A number of Spiegelman’s strips and covers for the New Yorker magazine, sketches, lithographs and stories accompany the more extended narrative pieces. The result is a revelatory and detailed portrait of this visionary artist who invigorated the graphic novel and introduced it to the mainstream cultural world."

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