It's Nice That put their hands in the air for Rookie Yearbook Two!

“Put your hands in the air it's the Rookie Yearbook 2!” / It's Mice That / Liv Siddall / April 1, 2014

If you ever paused the video player at the bit where they show Cecilia Lisbon’s diary in The Virgin Suicides, or if you ever slept over at someone’s house with a belly full of Doritos, muffling laughter into a Care Bears pillow, or really if the dice of fate were rolled in your favour and you were born a girl then this book is for YOU. The second in a hopefully infinite series, this publication is the annual “best-of” from Tavi Gevinson’s hugely successful online magazine,Rookie.

Filled, and I mean filled with information, this book contains advice on all aspects of life you may have been worrying about at some stage in your life. From sex information to advice on how to build a computer or unblock a rapidly overflowing toilet (invaluable! Why did no one else ever tell you this?!) this book, nay bible, is a staple for anyone, boys included, who wants to read exceptionally well-written and often hilarious articles about the more thoughtful, meaningful aspects of life. Written content aside, you rarely get books whose design 100% compliments the content within, so with a little help from arists such as Minna Gilligan, Olivia Bee and Sonja Ahlers among others, this book is not just a thing of joy, but a thing of beauty.

Okay, gush over. Until next year.

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