Preview of Woman Rebel on Flavorwire!

“Flavorwire Exclusive: Preview Peter Bagge’s ‘Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story’ ” / Flavorwire / Jason Diamond / October 23, 2013

Peter Bagge is an underground comics legend who, at this point, gets to do whatever it is he wants. Interestingly enough, this time he wanted to write a graphic novel account of the life and times of birth control activist, sex educator, and nurse Margaret Sanger. The result: a new book called Woman Rebel: The Margaret Sanger Story.

Of course, pretty much anything Bagge or Drawn & Quarterly publishes is worth your hard-earned dollars, but the fact that the book tells the story of this trailblazer in women’s health should be more than enough to make you pick up Woman Rebel. But if you still aren’t convinced, click through to preview a few pages from the must-have graphic biography of the year.

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