AV Club Calls WHITE CUBE Lush and Vibrant

“New comic releases include All-New Ghost Rider and a Hellboy celebration” / A.V. Club / Danica Davidson / March 25, 2014

Classifications of high art and low art are ultimately in the eye of the beholder, and Brecht Vandenbroucke’s debut comicWhite Cube (Drawn And Quarterly) uses the concepts of high art as a way to spoof modern art and the world in general. In each short gag, two nameless identical pink men approach different pieces of art, including very famous ones like Michelangelo’s David, and do things to them they shouldn’t do. With David, they paint his toenails, knock him in half and steal his penis. They take a single Marilyn Monroe picture from Andy Warhol’s work and put her by a colorful disco ball so that the changing colors make her single picture look like the various images from the original. And whenever they’re happy with something (whether others around them are happy is sometimes a different story), they give each other thumbs up. This comic is done almost entirely without words and relies on Vandenbroucke’s artistic skills and warped sense of humor. The art is colorful, humorous, and at times very lush and vibrant. While a few of the strips are too mean-spirited to be funny, most of them are hilarious, and they can get readers to look at art in an entirely new way. At any rate, visits to an art museum or gallery won’t be the same after reading this.

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