Bleeding Cool tallies the Best of the Best of 2013 - Rutu Modan's The Property makes the cut

“The Seventeen Best Of The Best Of The Comics For 2013 List” / Bleeding Cool / Rich Johnston / May 30, 2014

What happens if you take a bunch of Best Of Comics 2013 Lists from, Uproxx, Washington Post, Salon, Wired, AV Club, Time, Paste Magazine, CBR, Vice, io9, News OK, Digital Spy, Crave Online, Filth + Fabulations, Village Voice, Hollywood Reporter, Good Reads, Serial Optimist, Comics Alliance, What Culture, Newsarama and even Bleeding Cool?

Then give every mentioned title a point, and see who scored the most?

You get the Best Of The Best Of The Comics Of 2013.

Here are all the books, in order, that scored six mentions or more… how many haven’t you read?

  1. Saga
  2. Hawkeye
  3. Boxers & Saints
  4. Sex Criminals
  5. Young Avengers
  6. Batman
  7. Battling Boy
  8. Pretty Deadly
  9. Afterlife With Archie
  10. Superior Spider-Man
  11. Mind MGMT
  12. Nowhere Men
  13. Black Beetle
  14. Five Ghosts
  15. Lazarus
  16. The Property
  17. All-New X-Men

For those keeping count, that’s four Marvel, one DC, two Dark Horse, six Image…

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