Booklist Calls Pippi Moves In "A New Glimpse Into an Old Favorite"

“Pippi Fixes Everything” / Booklist / Sarah Hunter / November 15, 2013

In this second volume (Pippi Moves In, 2012), Drawn & Quarterly continues to bring vintage Pippi

comics, originally published in Sweden in the 1950s, to American audiences. Vang Nyman’s large-format

panels, in bright, bold primary colors, are the perfect match for Lindgren’s bombastic Pippi, who rescues

children from burning buildings, defeats a pair of daft burglars, and competes in feats of strength with her

father (she wins, of course). Though there is not much continuity among each of the stories, there is some

tension when Pippi gets the chance to go to sea with her father, but at the last minute, prompted by her

friends’ sadness, she decides to stay in Villa Villekulla after all. Pippi’s best quality is her free-spirited

innocence, and each four-page story perfectly captures those flighty, wide-eyed, and imaginative

attributes, from Pippi’s inability to behave at a tea party right down to her mismatched, slouchy socks.

Fans of the books will recognize the familiar Pippi stories and love this new glimpse into an old favorite.

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