The Globe And Mail Says OVER EASY is Not to be Missed

“Five books (and five illustrators) not to be missed at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival” / The Globe and Mail / Sean Rogers / May 9, 2014

Decades into a distinguished career as a humour writer and magazine cartoonist – you’ve likely got her episode of The Simpsons burned into your memory, or you grew up loving her strips in the back of Seventeen magazine – Mimi Pond now broadens her canvas with her first full-length graphic novel. Over Easy looks back on Pond’s time as a waitress at a bohemian Oakland diner in the druggy late-’70s, and it’s every bit as waggish and irrepressible as her shorter gags and anecdotes. Pond recalls her youthful grunt work and floundering love affairs with such wry, observant nuance that she imparts a poignant sense of glamour to that run-down world of dive bars, thrift shops and cherished greasy spoons. 

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