Hollywood Reporter announces Lisa Hanawalt's second D+Q book!

“Drawn & Quarterly Acquires Lisa Hanawalt's 'Hot Dog Taste Test'” / Hollywood Reporter / Graeme Mcmillan / April 30, 2014

The cartoonist's second collection for the publisher will focus on her food-related work for "Lucky Peach," in addition to all-new material.

When cartoonist Lisa Hanawalt was nominated for the James Beard Foundation’s Humor Award for the second time last month, she joked that she was working on a cookbook featuring such recipes as “Hurry-Up Scrambled Eggs” and “Handfuls of Cereal With Maple Syrup Reduction.”

That project may not be real, but Drawn & Quarterly has the next best thing, announcing on Wednesday that it had acquired world rights to Hot Dog Taste Test, a new collection of Hanawalt’s work with a focus on all things food-related.

“This book will be an assault on the tastebuds, eyes and mind,” Hanawalt told THR, describing the collection as “a further exploration of all things edible, nonedible and (always) animal” that includes material created for Lucky Peach magazine as well as all-new work. “Should you read it while eating?” she asked. “Only at your own risk.”

Hot Dog Taste Test is the follow-up to My Dumb Dirty Eyes, Hanawalt’s critically-acclaimed first collection for Drawn & Quarterly published in 2013, with acquiring editor Tom Devlin saying that the new book will be “funnier and more absurdly obsessive as Lisa tucks into the pomposities of the foodie subculture.”

In addition to her work for Lucky Peach, Hanawalt is currently working as production designer on Netflix’s first original animated comedy for adults, Bojack Horseman, which is scheduled to debut this summer. Her illustrations and cartoons have also appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair and McSweeney’

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