Miami Herald calls LETTING IT GO "risible and poignant"

“History, politics and Realtors who perform exorcisms in graphic novel roundup” / Miami Herald / Richard Pachter / January 26, 2014

Letting It Go. Miriam Katin. Drawn and Quarterly. 160 pages. $24.95. A Holocaust survivor, Katin lived through untold horrors. As abundantly evidenced here, her great humor, intelligence and extraordinary self-awareness must have played major roles in her survival and success as an artist, animator and later a graphic novelist, which she became in her 60s. Here, she’s struggling with complicated and ambiguous feelings toward Europe — Germany in particular, unsurprisingly — and the impending emigration and marriage of her son there. Katin’s character in this tale is strong, and her husband is clearly a costar in the drama, as they lead their delightfully mundane lives in New York and travel to the Old World with additional personal baggage beyond their luggage. The humor and passion, risible and poignant, is as true as life, and Katin’s art and storytelling are first rate.

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