Printers Row calls White Cube "The Perfect Response to Fine Art in Comics Form"

“White Cube” / Printers Row Journal / May 27, 2014

Fine art and comics are estranged cousins, at best. But with Belgian cartoonist Brecht

Vandenbroucke’s new collection, “White Cube,” wefinally have the perfect response o

fine art in comics form — and that responseis the visual equivalent of a whoopee cushion.

In crudely (but seductively) painted vignettes, a pair of bald, pink-skinned twins (lovers?

clones?) eagerly and hilariously survey the art world with alternating innocence and malice.

While clever sight gags have anchored such wholesome fare as Henry or Nancy, the mischief

and mayhem these pink-skinned twins wreak is more akin to Ernie Kovacs’ subversive, surreal

visual puns. The boys capture the magic of Georges Seurat’s post-impressionism by enlarging

low-resolution pornography into a blur of pixels. They purchase modern artand then agonize

over the most aesthetic angle to position it against a dumpster. After defecating on a child’s stick

figure drawing, they’re assaulted by his menacing stick figure models. Are these jokes low,

dumb and obvious? Complain to Duchamp and Warhol. Are they art? I don’t know, but I know

what I like.

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