Tom Gauld's Alzheimer's illos featured on It's Nice That

“ Tom Gauld brings a dose of humour to the trickiest of topics, Alzheimer's” / It's Nice That / Maisie Skidmore / March 10, 2014

Tom Gauld is one of those illustrators It’s Nice That can’t really function without; between his hilarious short comics, his book Goliath and his glorious Bookshelf feature I think we can happily resign ourselves to the kind of long-term fandom that only the die-hard will commit to.

With that in mind, obviously we were delighted to see the brilliant work he undertook recently for the Wellcome Trust’s new online magazine Mosaic Science. Tom created a series of illustrations to run alongside a long-form piece about the labyrinthine questions that stem from Alzheimer’s. Using his trademark humour to make the heartbreaking reality of the disease that little bit easier to swallow, his visual solution revolved around the image of a maze, with it’s nooks and crannies and corners and puzzlement all aligning excellently with the strangely inexplicable dead-ends that come with mental illness. Sensitively and wittily done, Tom. We’re your biggest fans, forevz.

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