Unshelved writes up Rutu Modan's The Property

“Recommendations for Friday, January 17, 2014 ” / Unshelved / Gene Ambaum / January 17, 2014

After Mica’s father dies, she and her grandmother, Regina, travel to Warsaw to reclaim a piece of real estate lost to their family during World War II. Mica thinks it’s a straightforward transaction -- find the lawyer, take over the deed -- but there’s more to the story. While an unscrupulous wannabe-in-law tracks the pair around the city and tries to interfere in their legal dealings, Mica meets a handsome cartoonist, and Regina revisits an old love. In the end it’s not the property that truly matters, it’s the family.

Why I picked it up: The cover caught my eye: a dark graveyard scene with splashes of color and light.

Why I finished it: Lost love! Found love! Unfortunately exposed chest hair! The many plot threads and shifting relationships kept me riveted.

It's perfect for: My friend Elizabeth, an attorney and observant Jew. I’d be interested in her take on the post-war laws of restitution that form the backbone of the plot. 

@bookblrb: Mica accompanies her grandmother to Warsaw to reclaim a piece of family real estate.

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