Evanston Sun-Times reviews Burma Chronicles

“Evanston Library book review: ‘Burma Chronicles’ by Guy Delisle ” / Evanston Sun-Times / Heather Norborg / March 4, 2014

When your spouse works for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), you end up living in some pretty unusual places. This book chronicles the year comic artist Delisle spent living in Rangoon, the capital of Burma, with his wife and young son. With simple drawings, he focuses on the small details of daily life as a foreigner living in an oppressive state: learning to get by despite language barriers, censorship, restricted travel, limited resources, odd living arrangements, etc. and forming friendships with the people he encounters. But it’s the trips he makes with his wife to remote MSF clinics in the countryside, where doctors are working to combat addiction and HIV, that give insight into the plight of rural Burmese and make this book special. 

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