Juxtapoz Magazine loves Animals with Sharpies

“"Animals With Sharpies": Michael Dumontier & Neil Farber ” / Juxtapoz Magazine / January 16, 2014

We can't believe this book release slipped through our grasp last year, as one of our favorite art series of the past few years is Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber's "Animals With Sharpies." Drawn & Quarterly, a great Montreal-based publisher, released the series in book form last year. As the press release states, each painting depicts "an animal holding a sharpie, ostensibly writing a message. These messages are varied in nature: they are political and religious tracts, confessions, recipes, arithmetic problems and more. Above all, these paintings are funny, but they are also startlingly poignant and jarring for the humanness of the suffering and longing depicted in these animals simple words"

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