Portland Mercury: We Like Beautiful Darkness

“Comic Book Club: Quick Reviews of Comics We Like” / Portland Mercury / Alison Hallett / June 25, 2014

A GORGEOUSLY DARK fairy tale for grownups (or really morbid kids), Beautiful Darkness captures, in absolutely lovely watercolors by husband-and-wife artist duo Kerascoët, the bloody, brutal exploits of a band of adorable pixies and sprites.

The book opens on a fairy princess as she breathlessly prepares to meet with her prince; soon goop begins to drip from the ceilings, trapping the princess in an oozy pink maze. For a few panels, it's not clear what's happening—and then the princess tumbles out of a dead girl's ear.

The girl's body is spread-eagle on a forest floor; tiny creatures pour out of her eyes and nose, too, childlike sprites swarming her corpse Lilliputian-style. The body, as it decomposes, provides a home base for the princess and her friends, whose alliances grow ever more fleeting and self-serving. Betrayals are savage, conflicts are gruesome, and death comes for even the cutest characters. Like I said: dark.

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